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Alejandro Kindsvater

Born in Argentina, with Italian double nationality, and fluent in Spanish, Italian, English and Portuguese, Alejandro is also proficient in both German and French with a degree in Psychology and Languages. His absolute passion for communication and culture, along with his proactive mentality, brought him to the cruise ship industry and to his role within the team at Progress International.


Kindsvater enjoyed more than 7 years on-board, organising and executing multilingual entertainment activities, introducing new ideas and being promoted to lead multi nationality groups. His original psychological approach to the team has provoked a strong co-operative attitude, attaining high satisfaction levels in collaborators and guests, generating exceptional results.


Following intense on-board work experience, having consolidated planning, leadership, team management and training aptitude, he is continuing his career through the Costa Campus Program and Progress International.


As a consultant here, he develops training programs to empower the human resources in the hospitality industry. Meanwhile, his interest in people and enterprises, along with his desire for new challenges, has led him to the discovery of the organisational coaching field, where he excels.