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Costa Campus

The Costa Campus is the brand name for the Department that manages all pre-embarkation and on board Training for Costa Crociere spA, which involves the development of over 16,000 Crew members. The Costa Campus was set up in 2005 and has now become one of the Cruise Industries best managed and operated Training Departments on a worldwide scale. Without question the Costa Campus with the support of Progress International has set up the most comprehensive pre-embarkation Training within the Cruise Ship Industry, whereby even the Housekeeping Stewards, Snack Stewards and entry level positions are actively engaged in interactive Training for a period of up to one month, which includes an orientation to the Cruise Ship Industry, understanding of the Costa ways, sanitation, environment, safety and all technical aspects of the role. The objective at present is to develop the same level and methodology of Training onboard for existing Crew, which is an ongoing process.


Progress International is the leading creator and supplier of training courses for the Costa Campus. Moreover, the Costa Campus tasked Progress International with updating and managing all Training through a process termed QTMS (Quality Training Management System). All Training courses feature the Progress International unique Training Methodology, which encompasses over 50 symbols to manage the learning cycle and capture all Learner Types.


Progress International created and now manages the updating in addition to the quality management of the delivery for the following Costa Campus courses...

Costa Compass (orientation to Costa and the Cruise Ship Industry).

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