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1. Course Creation Cost

- Estimate: 20,000 euro per week of training creation.

- Tailor-made and a one time cost per course.

- Cost could be subsidized by the EU or another authority.

- Cost could be covered indirectly by the employee.

- Above point depends on numbers involved.

- Above suitable for new hires only by means of course fees.


2. School Campus Facility Costs

- Variable according to agreement (case for case).

- Cost can be funded or imbedded within a mandatory course fee.

- Consider additional potential costs for extra equipment, etc.


3. Trainer Costs

- Variable depending upon Company or School Trainers.

- Cost for TTT course to train Trainers to be considered.

- Cost can be funded or imbedded within a mandatory course fee.


4. Course Updating

- Cost of upgrading/updating courses to be considered.

- Again cost can be funded or embedded within a course fee.


5. Quality Management Training System

- Creation of audit system & execution of audits to be considered.

- There are also different opportunities to fund this activity.

Costs to Consider