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HEADQUARTERS Email: info@progresshq.com

Mailing Address: Level 54, Al Mas Tower, JLT, Dubai – UAE P.O Box 112911

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Global Recruitment

Progress International operates on a worldwide level, however with a greater focus on the following regions:


• Arabian Gulf

• Africa

• Eastern Mediterranean

• Russia

• Asia


Apart from adopting advanced recruitment techniques and maintaining an extensive database of professionals, we operate the below key job websites to source candidates:




www.perpetualtravelleroverseas.com (travel jobs)


Our specific areas of expertize are Tourism, Finance and Journalism, however we are able to recruit or headhunt for any medium to high profile management position, anywhere in the world.


Our fees are simple being 10%-15% of annual salary (depending upon position) with a 30 day guarantee. For Employers wishing to work with us on a more regular basis these conditions and fees are negotiable.

Contact us

Tel: +971 4 2149679

Fax: +971 4 2149501

Email: recruitment@progresshq.com