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Mano Security

MS Security & Personnel Ltd. Crew Management is a Cypriot registered company that provides professional security personnel for the International maritime Industry. We offer professional security solutions worldwide, mainly to seagoing vessels such as cruise vessels, ferries, commercial vessels and private Yachts.


The company’s main field of operation is the international leisure-cruising industry both as an operator of 150 active security guards as well as security consultancy services provider to top shipping companies. “MS” is a direct extension and built on the solid foundations of its predecessor “Mano International Security”, that established in 1986. Many of “Mano’s” key management personnel currently hold key positions in “MS” and by doing so, putting into good use almost 70 years of extensive and valuable experience that has been accumulated in wide variety of operations throughout the years.


Based on our extensive experience, “MS” has developed many new and efficient methods to deal the current threats to the maritime industry, all under the guidelines of the ISPS (International Ship and Port facility Security) code. Some of the day to day threats that our company so efficiently deal with, include – terrorism, piracy, stowaways, violence, vandalism, drugs trafficking and many more.


Progress International collaborates with Mano Security concerning Recruitment, Training and Cruise Industry Market Intelligence.