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Maria Evagora

With over 20 years in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Maria Evagora initially started her career as a flight attendant. She later changed course and went onto become a Hotel Representative for the UK’s leading Tour Operator in Cyprus.


After gaining years of experience, facing and dealing with guests, Maria became an expert in managing all aspects of the Hospitality Industry with particular emphasis on Customer Service, Complaint Handling and Sales. Maria’s gift for delivering excellence in Service and Sales was officially recognized, as she was awarded top performer island-wide for 6 consecutive years, over a team of more than 40 Representatives.


This sustained success led to Maria being promoted to Head Representative, then quickly to Resort Manager and ultimately General Manager of Operations Islandwide. Her responsibilities involved overseeing the UK’s largest Tourism based operation on the island of Cyprus, to the management of all logistics, in addition to the islandwide delivery of exceptional customer service and sales performance standards. Her role also encompassed the execution of Hospitality, Customer Service, Sales and Management training of all Representatives and Resort Managers.


Maria joined the Progress International team in 2012 and she specializes in Hospitality, Customer Service and Sales.

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