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HEADQUARTERS Email: info@progresshq.com

Mailing Address: Level 54, Al Mas Tower, JLT, Dubai – UAE P.O Box 112911

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Our Team

The Progress Team is comprised of a dynamic and experienced collection of professional management, training, recruitment, marketing, media, technical and sales experts, each with a formidable track record in key sectors of the Tourism industry. A wide range of services related to the Tourism industry are featured including but not limited to Training and Development, Recruitment, Marketing & Sales, Press Relations & Media, Excursions, Hotel Operations and Revenue activity Management. Unique and unrivalled in its function The Progress Team of Consultants can objectively deliver results in a way that would not be possible for companies or authorities to achieve internally so speedily, effectively or efficiently. Success principles are based on a proactive approach, leading edge strategies, the thirst for challenge, vast experience and contacts in addition to the commitment to achieve extraordinary results.





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