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HEADQUARTERS Email: info@progresshq.com

Mailing Address: Level 54, Al Mas Tower, JLT, Dubai – UAE P.O Box 112911

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Our Company values are expressed in 4 core categories:


1. Proactive Vision

We aim to visualise what is truly possible in people, projects and tasks and then aim to proactively create, innovate and shape the prevailing reality to make it happen.


2. Passion for our work

We work with heartfelt Passion and enthusiastic excitement believing that what we do could make a positive difference to the lives of the people we serve, communicate and interact with. We listen, respect and empathize with everyone in our field of contact and influence.


3. Determined Discipline

We appreciate that to achieve extra ordinary results and bring value to our clients, customers, partners and employees it also requires an honest, determined, hard working, focused and practical approach.


4.   Considerate Conscience

We are guided by our moral Compass to do what we believe is right in terms of social responsibility, ethics, impact on environment, cultural and ethnic respect, equal opportunity and overall fairness.

Our Values