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Phanie Siatan

Ophanie Siatan has specialised in Human Resources and Organisational Development for 8 years on an international scale.


Having started her career with the United Nations as one of the four pioneering Labour Market Analysts of the Global Consulting Service Group, in 2005 Siatan focused on developing her training and facilitation skills joining Business Works, Inc., a consulting firm in the Philippines, as Associate Trainer.


Honing her skills and training in the science of Neuro Linguistics Programming, she joined Progress International where, as a result of her excellent performance and genuine passion for training, she accelerated to conducting training packages on Communications, Professional Image, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, and Team-building for a variety of multinational corporations and organisations internationally.


Currently, Siatan is working with Progress International in developing customised training modules, employing its unique trademark methodology for the Italian luxury cruise line, Costa Crociere, and its German sister company, AIDA. Moreover, as Costa is expanding its operations in Asia, she has taken responsibility for the Progress training facilitation to the expanding base of on-board crew.

Ophanie Siatan