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HEADQUARTERS Email: info@progresshq.com

Mailing Address: Level 54, Al Mas Tower, JLT, Dubai – UAE P.O Box 112911

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At Progress International we invested over a period of 3 years to develop a workable methodology to build customized training that could be adapted to any Company or Industry. Our Customized Training has since been proven and tested with over 5,000 employees of the largest Cruise Line in Europe “Costa Crociere” in addition to the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association, AIDA Cruises and other Companies besides. Our Methodology incorporates accelerated learning Techniques, a high level of practical inter-action through task setting, elements of NLP and a multi-sensorial experience embedded within the creation of Custom training, to stimulate the 4 recognized learner styles, to ensure maximum memory retention (expected level of 85%) and to follow the values of a cycle ideally suited to vocational training.

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Modules are broken down into logical topics known as stages, which are sub-divided into 10-20 minute slots to maximize attention capture.

Session and daily Consolidation implemented systematically to reinforce information and ensure maximum retention. Practical and theory Exams are set to quantify performance.

Training Methodology

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